The Fellows Program - An Overview

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The Fellows Program

This program provides an invaluable chance for students to learn from some of the
most notable political practitioners, academics, and journalists in an informal setting.

Political practitioners immerse themselves in the Carolina community, drawing on the University’s intellectual resources while interacting with students and leading a not-for-credit study group.

The Institute is hosting two Visiting Fellows – June Atkinson and Robert Orr – for the Spring 2018 semester.



View Atkinson's seminar schedule here and Orr's schedule here

Fellows independently lead non-credit seminars on timely and relevant issues of
national import. These weekly 75-minute discussions, on mutually agreed upon topics, take
place on campus and are open to all UNC students. Seminars are built to best leverage the
expertise of Fellows and vary from lectures and informal discussion groups to panel discussions
and guest lectures.

Office Hours

Atkinson's Office Hours: Every Monday from 4:00 - 6:00pm and 7:15 - 8:15pm in Graham Memorial 011

Orr's Office Hours: Every Thursday from 4:00-6:00pm in Graham Memorial 011

While at the University, Fellows keep weekly office hours, which are only available
to UNC students. Office hours are an opportunity for one-on-one engagement between Fellows and students, where discussion terrain may cover interesting topics in the news, an aspect of the Fellow's career, questions on a class project, or thoughts about the student's journey in politics, public and social service, and journalism, to name a few. Each Fellow is required to keep a minimum of three office hours per week. Each session should last no longer than 20 minutes if other students are waiting. Fellows are strongly encouraged to hold office hours at the same time each week if possible.

Fellows Ambassadors

Each Fellow will be assigned a team of student ambassadors. Through the IOP’s Fellows Ambassador program, students apply to serve as assistants to Fellows, organizing and promoting their seminars and events; helping prepare research for seminars; being a liaison between Fellows and the University community; and helping to orient them to UNC’s campus, the Chapel Hill community, and the Triangle region more broadly. Fellows Ambassadors will be introduced to Fellows upon arrival on campus.